Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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The latest news and information around Wake Forest, NC. Basically, just stuff it doesn’t hurt to know.

Halfbacks Will Love the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre

This morning the Town of Wake Forest plied media representatives with coffee and pastries in their introduction of the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre. As a fine upstanding journalist we can’t be bought and would never take a bribe but a fine cup of coffee and some pie goes a long way. Know what I’m saying? Nudge, wink. There was no ... Read More »

S. Main Street Accident on Wednesday Gets Us to Sonic

On Wednesday afternoon around 4 pm the call went out that an accident with injuries had occurred near the intersection of S. Main Street and Capcom Avenue. You can hear the emergency dispatch call below. It was not abundantly clear who was at fault in the accident but the black car you will see below got quite a nose job ... Read More »

Bill Randall Favored By Some Voters in Race for Wake Forest Mayor

Bill Randall, the candidate who ran against Wake Forest Mayor Vivian Jones was favored in the election held in Wake Forest today by nearly one in four voters. Incumbent Jones secured 2,575 votes or 71 percent of votes, supported by her platform of homemade cakes and cookies for all. Wake Forest residents are easily persuaded with baked goods. According to ... Read More »

Steal Candy From Your Kids and Send it to Our Troops

We love Wake Forest with all our heart. We think it is a special place to live, except when traffic on Capital Blvd is all backed up. Then, not so much. But every once in a while a press release from a local Wake Forest business catches our attention and while we fight the urge not to write about it, ... Read More »

Candidate Mike Cole Stumps Resident, Town, and Us

Always willing to take the blunt end of the stupid stick we have an open policy for readers to ask us questions here. The reference to the stupid stick is directed entirely at us at Wake Forest News. Typically when a question comes in our general reaction is, “damn, don’t know again,” and off we go to pester someone for ... Read More »

Yellow Popular Avenue Post Office Response & Pothole Update

The other day we engaged in a clandestine postal stakeout, thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. This all stemmed from a reader was concerned about the amount of postal truck traffic down their residential neighborhood street. We took the concern and video to the United States Post Office to see if any change was in the works. To refresh you, the ... Read More »

Cryptic Elm Avenue Sidewalk Mystery Solved With Indian Attack

Always wanting to help other Wake Forest Nutters, we fielded a question from a reader who said, “Now ask Wake Forest about the sidewalk on Elm Avenue across from the fire station.” And that’s all they said. After much contemplation we were left with probably the exact same tilted head, squinty eye look on our face as we too said, ... Read More »

No More Pooping in the Parks Come November

WAKE FOREST, NC – October 30, 2013 – In accordance with the Nov. 3 Daylight Savings Time change, the Wake Forest Facilities Management Department will close the outdoor restrooms and shut off the water fountains on Friday, Nov. 1, at the following town parks: Ailey Young Park, 800 Juniper Ave. E. Carroll Joyner Park, 701 Harris Road Holding Park, 133 ... Read More »