Monday, May 20, 2019
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The latest news and information around Wake Forest, NC. Basically, just stuff it doesn’t hurt to know.

Vehicles Pile Up on Durham Road During Morning Commute

Bad accident on Durham Road at Camp Kanata around 7:40 AM on September 10, 2014. We had what appeared to be a bad four car accident this morning that snarled traffic for miles in both directions. Stony Hill Rural Fire Department, Wake County EMS and North Carolina State Highway Patrol were on the scene to take car of injured and ... Read More »

Man Bites Dog, or Snake, in This Case

In journalism the phrase “man bites dog” refers to an unusual twist to a common event. It’s not uncommon for a dog to bite a man but a man biting a dog, that’s odd. This past Saturday evening I heard the strangest Wake County fire or EMS transmission I’ve heard in a while. It appears the call went out as ... Read More »

Head-On Collision on New Light Road. Stony Hill FD & Wake EMS.

On Sunday afternoon two cars came to an abrupt stop in Wake Forest on New Light Road right near Rolling View Drive. While occupants of the vehicles appeared shaken, they were insufficiently stirred, it appeared, to be transported to the hospital. It truly is amazing how modern vehicles protect occupants. Stoney Hill Fire Department Engine 392 was on the scene ... Read More »

“Die Happy” – The Happiest Guy in Wake Forest

If you’ve been around the Wake Forest area for a while you might have seen the nicest guy in the world riding his bike with his boom box on the front. He plays tunes, waves, smiles and just seems like a tremendous asset to Wake Forest. Every time I see him he’s always going the other direction and I never ... Read More »

Burlington & Capital Snag Another Accident

Multiple Wake Forest Fire Department units, including Wake Forest Engine 2, and Wake Forest Ladder 1 were dispatched at around 8:20 PM on Saturday evening for a nasty collision at Burlington Mills and Capital Blvd. The wreck closed the northbound lanes of Capital Boulevard for a while. Those of us who travel local roads are all too familiar with the ... Read More »

A Brilliant Wake Forest Idea – Shared Office Space

I’ve been dreading telling you about this idea because I would not be surprised if people didn’t rush to take all the spaces available. For those of us who can or do work from home there is one little tiny downside of the home office. Two maybe. The first is that it can get lonely at times. Yes, there is ... Read More »

Pedestrian Struck on Capital Boulevard

Last night while we were having a driving rain storm in Wake Forest a pedestrian was stuck on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh at about 8:00 pm. The victim’s injuries appear to be serious, but not life-threatening. Raleigh Police Department officers responded to the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Calvary Drive, where a male pedestrian had been struck by an unknown ... Read More »

First-In Fire–First for You

Whether you are looking for a fire truck for your business or a school activity, First-In Fire Company has the truck for you. First-In Fire Company offers two American La France, registered historical trucks for you to choose from. American La France is no longer in business, however, when the company made fire trucks, they did not make models–meaning each ... Read More »

Wake Forest Area Plane Crash Livens Evening

Near the stroke of midnight a pilot and his aircraft crashed in the Wake Forest area out just north of Falls Lake. The aircraft came to a stop in the top of some pine trees before falling to the ground and allegedly coming to rest on a propane tank. The FAA reports the plane is owned by Ethan Leggett from ... Read More »

Somebody Cut One at U-Haul in Wake Forest and it was Noxious

Around 10 AM on August 28, 2014 (a.k.a today) some unfortunate worker at the U-Haul facility under retrofit on Capital Blvd managed to cut one and release a foul odor. The “one” that he cut was a pipe and the foul order was not the result of a poor eating choice but some noxious fluid that was now leaking out. ... Read More »