Friday, March 22, 2019
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The latest news and information around Wake Forest, NC. Basically, just stuff it doesn’t hurt to know.

Arnold Palmer Wake Forest University Celebration Makes Us Sad

We are kind of feeling a bit cheated. Yes, Wake Forest University, which began in our beautiful little town and then split and took the name, got all the glamour of a recent Arnold Palmer celebration in Winston-Salem. And what’s with that name, Winston-Salem. Can’t make up your mind? Winston-Salem University not good enough for you? Seems Wake Forest University ... Read More »

The Wrath of Traffic – Rogers / Forestville

This afternoon around 3 pm two unfortunate Wake Forest drivers became suddenly introduced at the intersection of Rogers Road and Forestville Road. You can hear the emergency call below that was dispatched. We will have to wait a couple of days for the official accident report but from the look of it the white car said a big “how do ... Read More »

Wake Forest Mayor Jones, Not Responsive? Let Them Eat Cake.

Recently we published a look at the Wake Forest race for Mayor, here. In that article, challenger Bill Randal made the statement the Town of Wake Forest under the guidance of Mayor Jones has been less responsive to citizens. As an example he told us “I believe that the local government could be MORE responsive to its citizens. The Township’s ... Read More »

Help Find Colt

Attention all Wake Forest Nutters: Keep your eyes out for Colt, his family desperately misses him and wants him back. Read More »

Wake Forest Mayoral Race, Quirky and Interesting

On November 5th Wake Forest Town residents will have another turn to poorly show up to vote for Wake Forest Mayor. However here is an idea, maybe we should hold the election at the Hardee’s drive through in town. You could vote and get a breakfast sandwich at the same time. That would help turn out the vote. This time ... Read More »

It’s Time for Wake Forest Leaf Sucking

The Town of Wake Forest is looking forward to coming by your home and sucking up your leaves from now till March 14, 2013. They added the word “loose” to the description they sent out but unless they are going to suck them off your trees, which would be freaking awesome, I think we get the idea they will be ... Read More »

Nuts, Knuckles, and More at the Wake Forest Farmers Market

We have a confession. Until last weekend we’ve never taken the time to visit the Wake Forest Farmers Market. That was clearly a mistake. It is freaking awesome. The part that will blow you away is how amazingly nice all the vendors are. They love to talk about the quality of their products and they should be proud of the ... Read More »

Not the Saturday Morning You Want to Have

Around 4:30 Saturday morning Wake Forest Engine 2, and one very tired Wake Forest News reporter, responded to an accident with injuries call on Capital Blvd. and S. Main Street. The good news is there was no traffic on the road and we hit all the lights green. Sweet! You can listen to the call below. The front driver side ... Read More »

The Shadow Wake Forest

Recently we did a story as a result of a reader concern posted on our “Fix It Please” page. The issue was about the perceived unsightliness of a “junkyard” that was more exposed by the modernization of Chalk Road. What was intended to be a nice deed to help a reader, turned into a shit storm on our Facebook page ... Read More »