Sunday, February 23, 2020
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The latest news and information around Wake Forest, NC. Basically, just stuff it doesn’t hurt to know.

Wake Forest Driver Does It Up Big

A couple of days ago a driver managed to learn a driving lesson the hard way on Magnolia Forest Court in Wake Forest. The police report says the driver was distracted by a drink her passenger had just spilled in the car. Yea, we’d be a bit distracted and pissed off as well over that. According to the report, the ... Read More »

I’ll Have My Truck Over Easy Please

Last Sunday, November 10, 2013, we were just on our way to Home Depot when we rounded the corner to find this in front of us. We must be like accident magnets. And this certainly is not something you see every day around Wake Forest. At first we thought the driver of the pickup truck was just listening to Lionel ... Read More »

Want to See What Happens When You Burn Popcorn in the Microwave

We’ve all done it, left food in the microwave for a bit too long. A hot dog nuked for 4 minutes instead of 40 seconds makes for a petrified treat. But if you’ve burned popcorn in the microwave, that’s a smell you can’t get out of your house. That’s exactly the smell that was wafting out of the house at ... Read More »

Wake Forest Gets the Party Started TONIGHT!

Be sure not to miss the grand opening of the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre tonight which will feature a bad ass musical group from Raleigh, Transit Vocal Band. We wish we could be there but instead we are going to have to rely on your Tweets and Facebook pics from there tonight. Tweet us during the festivities and @WFNCnews and ... Read More »

Wake Forest Windowgate: The Fix Begins

We happened to be dropping by Town Hall this morning and accidentally caught the start of repairs to the leaky Town Hall windows. Here at the Wake Forest News, we don’t make news, we stumble upon it. In case you had not heard, the Town of Wake Forest built a new Town Hall in the past couple of years. The ... Read More »

Randall Mayor Wakeforest Litter

We have to give a big hat tip to all the political candidates in the recent Wake Forest election. A vote for most entertaining candidate goes to Bill Randall and his campaign signs which we covered in RANDALL MAYOR WAKEFOREST – Fail. Now that all the voting is over we’d like to sincerely thank almost all the Wake Forest candidates ... Read More »

Stony Hill Fire Department Burns House to Ground Like a Boss

On Sunday night a call went out for a whole lot of fire departments to show up and do what they do. Wake Forest was invited to the party but apparently they were told to turn back. Bit of a bummer for us since we turned up at the scene only to not find any Wake Forest units. Where you ... Read More »

RV Fire Burns Down Nothing

On Saturday afternoon an emergency call went out for what was a vehicle fire near a gas station. That’s not good. You can hear the original call below. It was one of those calls that has the possibility to be a raging inferno. On our way over we imagined the entire gas station in massive flames with the vehicle burned ... Read More »

Wake Forest Runners Caught in Shocking Act of Defiance

On Saturday morning, the Wake Forest Area Runners (WFAR) held an event in downtown Wake Forest which successfully blocked streets and required lazy people to alter their travel patterns. The run was the inaugural WFAR 5K Classic, we’ll see how classic this becomes. With a stark indication of how good running is for you, the event was sponsored by Orthopedic ... Read More »