Friday, April 10, 2020
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The latest news and information around Wake Forest, NC. Basically, just stuff it doesn’t hurt to know.

Aerial Wake Forest – Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

This video marks the first in a new series of videos I will be rolling out featuring the unique, beautiful, and wonderful sights of the greater Wake Forest area from the air. While my usual approach is moist with snark and sarcasm, I just couldn’t pull that trigger on this video after spending a couple of days around a mostly ... Read More »

Oh Crap, I Beat the Fire Department to the Accident

Now as super fast as the Wake Forest Fire Department gets to the scene, what I’m about to share is a very rare situation. This afternoon a call went out for EMS and the Wake Forest Fire Department and I happened to be closer than they were and arrived first. The first thought that went through my mind as I ... Read More »

School Bus Nails Car on Stadium Drive

This afternoon a school bus decided to introduce itself to a weather appropriate Mazda Miata on Stadium Drive and North Wingate Street. It appeared school bus 1533 collided with the Miata as it crossed in front of the bus as it allegedly traveled from N. Wingate towards the campus, across Stadium Drive. The Mazda back axle was in bad shape. ... Read More »

Making Wake Forest Habitable with AmeriCorps and Volunteers

Today launched the start of the Habitat Wake Build-a-Thon in Wake Forest. The project included finishing two homes, building three houses from start to finish, and Brush with Kindness exterior repair projects on eight more houses, all in Wake Forest. AmeriCorps volunteers from across the country participated with local Habitat for Humanity folks and other volunteers. I dropped by the ... Read More »

Crap Catches Fire at Franklin County Landfill

At about half past eleven this morning the Youngsville Fire Department met up with members of the Louisburg Fire Department to dump a whole lot of water into a trailer on fire in the Franklin County waste transfer station. Excuse me, “convenience center.” On second thought, it kind of looks like someone threw away a perfectly good Louisburg fire truck. ... Read More »

What a Ditch. Youngsville Woman Gets the Blender Treatment.

Sunday Evening around 9 PM the Youngsville Fire Department was requested posthaste to Cedar Creek Road where a female driving a Silver Scion had taken a turn for the worse. Into the ditch that is. There is no word on the extent of her injuries but she was taken away by Youngsville Rescue & EMS for a lovely ride to ... Read More »

Local Fire Departments Help Make Pediatric Burn Victims Smile

On Friday, 35 firetrucks gathered in the parking lot at Triangle Center Mall and waited as kids from across North Carolina rolled up and registered to participate in Camp Celebrate, a special camp just for pediatric burn victims in North Carolina. The University of North Carolina Burn Center and others have been offering Camp Celebrate since 1982. But the experience ... Read More »

WWII Veterans Eligible for a Free Bus Trip to Bedford, Virginia

OPERATION OMAHA to Provide Rides to National D Day Memorial: Operation Omaha, a Raleigh, NC based organization that sponsors of the Flight of Honor flights is looking for “Any” World War II Veterans no matter what theater of war, no matter what service “free of charge” to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. ... Read More »

Woman Arrested for Killing Her Dogs at Wake Forest Walmart

I’d love to tell you this is some cruel twisted joke of an article, but sadly it’s not and there is no way for me to spin this in some funny, jovial way so we are just going to have to face this head-on. Normally I’d avoid such downer news but when it comes to hurting animals or just plain ... Read More »

The Beans Spill on the Freakin’ Fast Internet Fiber to the Forest

Monday night was the first “Fiber to the Forest” meeting at the Renaissance Center. Details on the service were shared to us average folks for the first time. For those that are unaware and living under an internet rock, the Town of Wake Forest has embraced bringing gigabit (1,000 megabytes per second upload and download) to little old Wake Forest. ... Read More »