Wake Forest Announces Starfleet Academy with Food Bribes

The Town asked us to broadcast the following message on all extraterrestrial jurisdiction (ETJ) interstellar space channels. Unfortunately none of the lifeforms who might hear it out there will be eligible to attend the Wake Forest Starfleet Academy since they will live in the wrong ETJs. And by the way, for most of us the … Read more

Wake Forest Police Want to Know Who This Dude is Who Dun It

Wake Forest Police are asking for your help identifying the individual shown in the surveillance camera image below. The subject is wanted for questioning in connection with a recent theft. Of what, we don’t know. And we feel compelled to offer the standard disclaimer, the suspect is presumed smart and innocent until proven to be … Read more

Your Help is Needed to Understand Tragic Jason Martin Suicide

Last weekend there was a very sad tragedy that involved a local area family and our community. The moment of the event has been covered already here and by local media, here and here. What we didn’t know at the time of our visit to the church fire was it was just a part of … Read more

Capital Blvd, Being Sassy and a DWI Don’t Mix – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary This report covers January 10 to 12 (Friday to Sunday), 2014. Otherwise known as the dumb ass weekend report. Last weekend was relatively quiet unless you were driving on or near Capital Blvd, 40 years-old and impaired. We can think of at least four people last weekend who thought a DWI arrest would never … Read more

Wake Forest Survives Big Blow From Mother Nature

This afternoon a line of strong winds passed through Wake Forest as the Weather Service issued tornado warnings. While no confirmed tornados hit Wake Forest, residents suffered damage from the strong winds, downdrafts, or microbursts. It is too early to say even if a tornado struck the Town but some big trees and power lines … Read more

Saint Luke Catholic Church Hellish This Morning With Fire

At 2:26 AM this morning a fire alarm went off and then the call went out for a fire in Saint Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church just down the road from the Bay Leaf Fire Department. The church is located at 12333 Bayleaf Church Road, Raleigh. In what seemed like a scene straight out of … Read more

1-9-2014 Stolen Car, Beer, Wine, and Ring – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Thursday was a busy crime day in Wake Forest. From a stolen ring, vehicle, beer, wine and then some worthless checks and embezzlement, the police made up for the slow day before. Disclaimer The following information is from law enforcement sources. All information posted to the Wake Forest News site is data gathered from … Read more

Unfortunate U.S. 1 Youngsville T-Bone Accident

At 9:35 this morning the call went out to the Youngsville Fire Department, Franklin County EMS and Youngsville Rescue & EMS about a full speed t-bone accident at Bert Winston Road and U.S. 1. According to witnesses at the scene the white pickup truck was sitting on Bert Winston Road when the cross traffic light … Read more