Wake County Makes it Easier to Get a Concealed Carry Permit

Up until now, people wanting to get a pistol purchase permit or a concealed carry permit had to go to downtown Raleigh to apply and pay to get one. Raleigh! Us country folk don’t like the big city. According to Wake County Sheriff, Donnie Harrison, the process just became easier for all those wanting to … Read more

Listen to Wake Forest Area Police and Fire Departments

In order to help residents stay tuned to the latest events in the Wake Forest area we are bringing you the Wake Forest News live scanner so you can hear events as they happen. Using the player below you can listen to events as they happen using your computer or smartphone. You will be able … Read more

Wake Forest Desperately Looking for Wiener Eaters

The Wake Forest Mardi Gras Planning Committee is recruiting contestants with a hearty appetite for the “Shorty’s Hot Dog Challenge” on Saturday, March 1. The contest is being offered again this year as part of downtown Wake Forest’s Mardi Gras Street Festival. The committee is seeking four contestants ready and willing to wolf down 12 … Read more

Wake Forest Nursing Home Goes to the Dogs

A Wake Forest News reader asked a great question the other day, Steve wanted to know what was going to happen to the old Wake Forest nursing home the State shutdown in 2012. As usual we had to start with “don’t know.” So we did that thing we do and headed out to get the … Read more

Wake Forest Teens Caught Sexting

In case you are not familiar with the term sexting, it’s when people send sexual pictures by text message or simply from one phone to another. As stunned as you might be, sometimes those pictures get passed around and shared with others. Problems often follow. Wake Forest teens caught sexting isn’t really even a man … Read more

NC Governor Links Recent Wake Forest Snow Storm to Nuclear Winter

Now that we’ve survived the recent event of frozen water falling from the clouds above in the form of snow and other nasty precipitation it’s time to go back and review the root causes of the event. The Town of Wake Forest handled the storm with finesse and professionalism. Scrapping both accumulating snow and any … Read more

Multiple Fire Departments Called Back to Wake Forest Neighborhood

On February 8, 2013 a wide contingent of fire departments was called out for a house under construction that was fully engulfed in fire. That house was located off Blue Larkspur Avenue at the far edge of the Wake Forest area. On Sunday afternoon, just eight days later, another call went out for a structure … Read more