Explosion in Shed on Keith Store Road

Witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion on Friday afternoon at 13020 Keith Store Road, which backs up to Falls of Neuse Road. As they ran outside they saw an immediate big ball of fire coming from the shed in the backyard. The fire was not brought under control until firefighters arrived. Both Wake Forest Fire … Read more

Scammers Turn Fake Funeral Notification Into Malware

According to the Federal Trade Commission new scam emails are being sent out that try to trick people into clicking on links that will download malware to their computers. The latest scam takes the trick to a new low. Scammers are sending bogus emails with the subject line “funeral notification.” The message appears to be … Read more

Wake Forest Weathermagedon Coverage for February 12, 2014

Wake Forest News Broadcasting Live

It’s official. We have absolutely lost our ever-loving minds. In honor of what is sure to be a ridiculous Wake Forest weather event on Wednesday we are going to try a new type of coverage. The idea is to take you live, out on the roads and around the area, so you can see what … Read more

Driver Went for a Spin Cycle on N. White Street

This afternoon a driver traveling towards Wake Forest on North White Street is said to have swerved off the road to avoid an oncoming car that had crossed the centerline. Once the passenger side tires were off into the ditch the SUV then suddenly went left across North White Street and rolled over at least … Read more

Bread, Toilet Paper, Milk Alert for February 12, 2014

The National Weather Service is reporting general winter yuckiness for the days ahead. This means it is very likely your beloved children will be inconveniently off of school and you will face toilet paper rationing as you will be shut-in due to alleged snow and ice. Currently the NWS has a Winter Storm Warning in … Read more

Raleigh Downtown Bus Terminal Moving Closer to XXX Adult DVD Shop

You may have a vague recollection where the current Greyhound Bus terminal is in downtown Raleigh. It’s been in that same location over near 42 Street Oyster Bar since the early 1970s. But just as we see those familiar Greyhound buses moving through Wake Forest on Capital Blvd each day, the terminal is moving to … Read more