Wake Forest Shooting Suspect Identified as “Muc.” WFPD Wants Him.

Last night in Wake Forest there was a shooting by an alleged suspect, Calvin Antonio Mitchell, Jr also known as “Muc.” Mitchell is alleged to have fired multiple shots into a car he selected, not one at random. Luckily nobody was injured in the incident. Wake Forest Police are asking for the public’s assistance in … Read more

Wake Forest Storyteller to Belch Fire in February

Call it what you will but our imagination of a storyteller who engages in “amazing vocal pyrotechnics” is one who belches fire. But then again doing the whole alphabet while belching would be pretty cool as well. The Wake Forest Parks and Recreation Department and United Arts of Raleigh and Wake County are sponsoring a … Read more

Be the First to Know – FREE Wake Forest Breaking News Text Alerts

Recently we asked our beloved readers, who we are absolutely in love with, if they would be interested in a free Wake Forest breaking news text alert service we had unceremoniously thought of while taking out the trash. Well you are too late. This service was replaced with the new smartphone apps which are available … Read more

UNC Student Busted for Just Being a Moe Money Dumbass

News out of the University of North Carolina system revels that Symone Vanness Brown, 19, is not the brightest bulb in the box. Brown was busted with nearly $13,000 in counterfeit money in her room after authorities were tipped by a local Walgreens on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro she was trying to pass $100 … Read more

Fishing Without a License and Weed Busts Top List – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary It’s been an eventful bunch of days since our last update. The most notable arrest was for fishing without a license. There were a bunch of pot busts, the standard Walmart shoplifting charges and then some miscellaneous stupid stuff. DWI arrests are down but weed citations are up. Wake Forest PD should just open … Read more

Inside the Wake Forest Fire Department. What You Need to Know.

Last Friday afternoon I had the opportunity to spend time with the members of the Wake Forest Fire Department and sit down with both officers and crew to talk about life inside the department. I now cover quite a few fire departments around the Wake Forest area and one thing that is universal is the … Read more

Bang Goes the Heroin on East Oak Avenue

Earlier today we reported what a reader had told us about an event last night on East Oak Avenue in Wake Forest. The reader said, “Please find out what happened last night on East Oak Ave. It’s off of North Main near The Border Restaurant (in WaFo.) There was a loud boom around 9 pm. … Read more