Bang Goes the Heroin on East Oak Avenue

Earlier today we reported what a reader had told us about an event last night on East Oak Avenue in Wake Forest. The reader said, “Please find out what happened last night on East Oak Ave. It’s off of North Main near The Border Restaurant (in WaFo.) There was a loud boom around 9 pm. … Read more

Purse Snatching But Quiet – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Thursday was a bad day to be at the intersection of Rogers Road and Marshall Farm Street. As police and the fire department dealt with an earlier accident at the intersection another accident occurred as one car collided with the rear of another. At least the response time to the second one was incredibly … Read more

Warning – Email With Windows 8 is a Scam

Local residents have said they’ve received an email that appears to contain only a single PDF file called 2014.pdf. If you get an email like that from someone you don’t know, don’t open the attached PDF. Delete it. It is always surprising how many people fall for similar scams. The claims and sales pitch made … Read more

Fred Smith Caught Laying Ass Fault

Yea, we know it is spelled asphalt but we like our title just the way it is. Weather permitting, the portion of East Juniper Avenue from Jubilee Court to Traditions Grande Boulevard will be reduced to one lane tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The temporary lane closure is necessary so the Traditions Development … Read more

Best Mug Shot of the Week – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Today marks two events. First, we slacked off yesterday and didn’t post the crime blotter. The choice was between a nap or this and sadly the nap won. Second, we are going to start including North Raleigh crime since Raleigh comes up to our border and is in what we consider to be the … Read more

Rolesville FD and Neighbors Save Home from Fire

This afternoon at 1:10 PM the mighty Rolesville Rural Fire Department was called to a mobile home with smoke billowing from it. The occupants of the home were away when the smoke appeared but some very aware and kind neighbors sprang into action and called 9-1-1. Both Rolesville and Wake Forest fire departments responded. It … Read more

Damn You Sun – Accident Ligon Mill Rd and S. Main St

On Tuesday afternoon as the sun was setting, four vehicles managed to become entangled at S. Main Street and Ligon Mill Road. One person at the scene said his mother-in-law had been driving the black Ford Focus and was traveling south on Ligon Mill Road on a green light when she was struck by a … Read more

Wake Forest Announces Starfleet Academy with Food Bribes

The Town asked us to broadcast the following message on all extraterrestrial jurisdiction (ETJ) interstellar space channels. Unfortunately none of the lifeforms who might hear it out there will be eligible to attend the Wake Forest Starfleet Academy since they will live in the wrong ETJs. And by the way, for most of us the … Read more