Young Mother and Baby Survive Car Flip on Durham Road

This afternoon 4:30 PM a single vehicle accident was reported on Durham Road, near Wingate Street. The vehicle which overturned contained a mother and a six-week-old baby. Make that a really cute baby. Both baby and mother were transported to the hospital in Eastern Wake EMS 64 as a precaution and to be evaluated. From … Read more

Blessed Driver Misses the Worst of It on Dr. Calvin Jones

At about twenty after noon today while cars were turning left from Heritage Lake Road onto Dr. Calvin Jones (98) witnesses said the driver of the lighter colored Toyota Camry was traveling into Wake Forest on Dr. Calvin Jones and allegedly ran the red light and struck another car. The driver of the red Kia … Read more

A Very Hot and Pregnant Driver Gets Hit in the Rear

At just about 1 PM today a very hot and very, very pregnant driver, who you must infer was a female, was struck in the rear while turning onto Capital Boulevard from Caveness Farms Ave. As a precaution Wake Forest Fire Department Engine 2, Wake EMS 12, and Wake Forest Police arrived on the scene … Read more

Driver Damn Lucky to be Alive Tonight

This evening at 11:17 PM a driver of a Volvo C70 convertible, left Purnell Road at Holly Forest Rd and jumped over a ravine that looked to be ten feet deep, missing two trees in the flight. Apparently the vehicle had enough speed to continue it’s forward momentum over the deep ravine and after striking … Read more

WFPD Police Chief Caught Holding the Bag

Today at 11 AM yet another accident happened at Ligon Mill Road and South Main Street. If there is ever one intersection to avoid in Wake Forest, that’s the one. I’ve been there so many times for accidents I know the best way to get there and avoid the traffic. Frankly, I was kind of … Read more

A Capital Burlington Mystery Accident

Tuesday evening at about 7 PM a bunch of cars became tangled on Capital Boulevard and Burlington Mills Road. How it happened is a mystery and I’ll leave that up to the wonderful Wake Forest Police Department to decipher. However if any reader witnessed the accident, post your observations in the comments below. Update: According … Read more

Single Vehicle Rollover Leaves Woman Bleeding on Capital Blvd

At 5:30 PM on Sunday a call went out for Wake EMS, Wake Forest Police, and Wake Forest Fire Department to respond to Capital Blvd, northbound, around where Lowe’s is. Witnesses described the woman who was injured, traveling faster than 65 MPH when she drifted off the left side of the road. They described a … Read more

Oh Crap, I Beat the Fire Department to the Accident

Now as super fast as the Wake Forest Fire Department gets to the scene, what I’m about to share is a very rare situation. This afternoon a call went out for EMS and the Wake Forest Fire Department and I happened to be closer than they were and arrived first. The first thought that went … Read more

School Bus Nails Car on Stadium Drive

This afternoon a school bus decided to introduce itself to a weather appropriate Mazda Miata on Stadium Drive and North Wingate Street. It appeared school bus 1533 collided with the Miata as it crossed in front of the bus as it allegedly traveled from N. Wingate towards the campus, across Stadium Drive. The Mazda back … Read more