Fire Heats Up Brooks Street

On Wednesday night a vigilant Wake Forest Police Officer noticed smoke billowing from 315 Brooks Street and called in the troops. Otherwise known as the Wake Forest Fire Department. At first a WFPD officer noticed smoke drifting from over behind their storage building and the initial thought was probably “Our stuffs on fire!” But in … Read more

Wake Forest Decrepit Old Overgrown Mobile Office Decides to Burn

Around 4 PM on Tuesday at the intersection of Jones Dairy Road and Shuford Road, a street I’ve never been down before, a crappy old POS overgrown mobile office decided it was time to combust. But whatever fire there might have been must have been tiny. The Wake Forest Fire Department and Rolesville Fire Department … Read more

Wake Forest Fire Department Faces Ferocious Fire Flashovers

Yesterday and today the Wake Forest Fire Department, and their invited guests, Stony Hill Fire Department and Youngsville Fire Department, took part in hands-on training in recognizing and surviving deadly fire flashovers. Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this story to see what it was like inside the flashover simulator. A … Read more

Wet Wake Forest Family Loses Home to Fire But Dog Safe

Wake Forest Engine 5 firefighter tackles the remaining fire in the eves.

The call went out at 6 PM on this wet Monday night, with low temperatures and intermittent sleet, for a house with flames coming out the roof at 3400 Donner Trail in Wake Forest, NC. The home was occupied by the Kennedy family who was renting the home after relocating from Atlanta. The home is … Read more

Van Overcorrects and Winds Up Jumping Ditch

On Sunday night Wake Forest Engine 1, Wake Forest Ladder 1, and the State Highway Patrol were invited to an impromptu meeting at 1529 Jenkins Road in Wake Forest. Witnesses described the van driven by a woman was headed up Jenkins Road from Capital Boulevard and had just passed Fullard Drive when the passenger side … Read more

Wake Forest Does It In the Ice

Late Monday afternoon a southbound driver on Capital Boulevard is said to have crossed the median and then went of the side on the northbound lanes, narrowly missing a guard rail. The car came to rest in the woods and Wake Forest Engine 1 and Wake Forest Ladder 1 arrived and secured the car to … Read more

Local Wake Forest Women Caught Redhanded Saving a Life

Most of the time local heroes pass silently from one day to another, receiving little recognition for amazing deeds. But today is the exception. Today is the time to share with you the story of one very luck man from Heritage, Carlos Ruiz, and a mother and daughters from Wake Forest who saved his life … Read more

Listen to Wake Forest Area Police and Fire Departments

In order to help residents stay tuned to the latest events in the Wake Forest area we are bringing you the Wake Forest News live scanner so you can hear events as they happen. Using the player below you can listen to events as they happen using your computer or smartphone. You will be able … Read more

Multiple Fire Departments Called Back to Wake Forest Neighborhood

On February 8, 2013 a wide contingent of fire departments was called out for a house under construction that was fully engulfed in fire. That house was located off Blue Larkspur Avenue at the far edge of the Wake Forest area. On Sunday afternoon, just eight days later, another call went out for a structure … Read more

Explosion in Shed on Keith Store Road

Witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion on Friday afternoon at 13020 Keith Store Road, which backs up to Falls of Neuse Road. As they ran outside they saw an immediate big ball of fire coming from the shed in the backyard. The fire was not brought under control until firefighters arrived. Both Wake Forest Fire … Read more