What a Ditch. Youngsville Woman Gets the Blender Treatment.

Sunday Evening around 9 PM the Youngsville Fire Department was requested posthaste to Cedar Creek Road where a female driving a Silver Scion had taken a turn for the worse. Into the ditch that is. There is no word on the extent of her injuries but she was taken away by Youngsville Rescue & EMS … Read more

Youngsville Fire Department Fund Raiser a Hot Event

On a beautiful Saturday morning today the Youngsville Fire Department rolled out some amazingly good food for their fund raiser held at Hill Ridge Farms. Not only did the adults get to admire all the fire equipment but the Duke Life Flight helicopter made a landing and a later departure which enthralled many. The funds … Read more

Youngsville Fire Department Fund Raiser on Saturday

On Saturday April 12th the Youngsville Fire Department is having its fund-raiser at Hill Ridge Farms at 708 Tarboro Road in Youngsville. The weather forecast right now looks like it will be a beautiful day. You know, that fun family place in Youngsville with the farm animal coral, train rides, hay rides, giant slide, gem … Read more

Youngsville Family Loses Home to Fire. Kids and Dogs Safe.

This morning at just about 9 AM the call went out for Youngsville Fire Department to respond to Pen Oak Lane in Youngsville for a house on fire. Subsequent calls went out for Franklinton Fire Department, Bunn Fire Department and Wake Forest Fire Department to assist as well. Neighbors reported the family ran from the … Read more

Youngsville FD Battles CaptiveAire Brush Fire and Wins

This afternoon at 3:59 PM the call went out to Youngsville Fire Department to hurry on over to Northbrook Drive and douse a quickly spreading brush fire that was across from CaptaiveAire but closer to Canyon Stone Manufacturing. Franklinton Fire Department was called upon as well. The cause of the fire is unknown at this … Read more

Local Firefighter Turns Ad Executive

Firefighter Justin Graney has added another responsibility to his otherwise full schedule as a firefighter with two departments in the area. It seems Graney just can’t sit still and has launched a side-side career as an advertising agency owner. Justin and his father started Advertising in Motion, a Wake Forest based company with a custom … Read more

Youngsville FD & EMS Get a Strange One With the Post Office

Mail is being pulled from the damaged Post Office delivery vehicle so it can continue on its appointed rounds.

A little after 3 PM on Saturday, emergency responders in the Youngsville area received a call for help. It seems a two vehicles were involved in an accident on Sid Mitchell Road. If you want to monitor emergency radio traffic in the area, click here. When we arrived on the scene it was a bit … Read more

Youngsville Fire Department to Buy $1.1 Million Ladder Truck

Right about now most readers as saying, “What the hell?” Why in the world would Youngsville, North Carolina need to buy a fire truck with a big ladder on it. There isn’t a single tall building in town. But don’t let your first reaction form your opinion about why the Youngsville Fire Department needs to … Read more

Unfortunate U.S. 1 Youngsville T-Bone Accident

At 9:35 this morning the call went out to the Youngsville Fire Department, Franklin County EMS and Youngsville Rescue & EMS about a full speed t-bone accident at Bert Winston Road and U.S. 1. According to witnesses at the scene the white pickup truck was sitting on Bert Winston Road when the cross traffic light … Read more