Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Under the heading of all reviews are somewhat arbitrary and subjective, we’ve decided to offer up our own ill informed and uneducated opinions about places and services around Wake Forest. Feel free to vote and share your opinion as well.

Wake Forest Restaurant Review – Dunkin’ Donuts

The local Wake Forest Dunkin’ Donuts is a hidden gem. Tucked away in a Shell gas station at 1009 Durham Road, you’ll find the tasty treats and coffee through a side entrance or by using the drive-thru. The staff is always friendly, the management will chat you up, and the service is always stellar and comes with a smile. In …

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Wake Forest Restaurant Review – Wendy’s

Wendy’s recently upgraded the local Wendy’s and boy was it worth it. If you haven’t been there since it reopened, you should visit. They offer free Wifi and it even feels like a nice place to take your laptop to get some work done. See if you can score one of the seats over near the fake fireplace for a …

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Nuts, Knuckles, and More at the Wake Forest Farmers Market

We have a confession. Until last weekend we’ve never taken the time to visit the Wake Forest Farmers Market. That was clearly a mistake. It is freaking awesome. The part that will blow you away is how amazingly nice all the vendors are. They love to talk about the quality of their products and they should be proud of the …

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The Wake Forest Gift That Keeps on Giving – No, It’s Not VD

Wake Forest is special in so many ways. Oh crap, that sounds like we are writing a puff piece. Let’s try again. Wake Forest residents are the luckiest people on the planet. Damn, we did it again. How about Wake Forest is unique in many ways. Let’s go with that. Yes, Wake Forest is special in many ways. One of …

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Cackalacky Stuff For Sale at NC General Stores

Honestly, we didn’t even know what Cackalacky was but a search of Cackalacky discovered it is used in place of Carolina. As in North Cackalacky. In that case we need a case of it. Okay, maybe just the bumper sticker you can buy at NC General Stores in Wake Forest. We think it would keep people from tailgating. Bonus! And …

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Wake Forest Coffee Company. A Place for Bean Counters.

I know the title to this story is silly, but the funny part is it is true. The last few visits to the “must see” Wake Forest Coffee Company has actually had us sitting next to people doing accounting work. Here is the ironic thing why the Wake Forest Coffee Company is a local favorite. It doesn’t try to be …

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Warning: You’ll Get Crabs in Wake Forest

Seriously, you will get crabs if you come to Wake Forest. Backfins Crab House is a local establishment with a loyal following. We’ve met people in here who have traveled for hours to come sup on delicious blue crabs. It’s a claw cracking, hammer swinging, beer drinking, lip smacking good time. And for those that don’t like seafood, don’t go …

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Cannizzaro’s Pizzeria is Fantastic

Cannizzaro's Pizzeria

Cannizzaro’s is the latest occupant of one of the cutest local places to eat in Wake Forest. The dinning room, if you can call it that, can probably hold a total of 30 people but that’s just fine. While the food here is fantastic, it’s a wonderful place to go for the brick walls and old wood floors, as well. …

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Panera – Beautiful Food

Shrimp Salad Sandwich

My father has this thing about soup. He always wants to go some place to eat that has a selection of impressive soups, even on the hottest days. Panera Bread fills the bill with an impressive choice of soups each day along with a combination of breakfast treats, lunch sandwiches, and tasty bakery treats; sweet stuff, bagels, and bread. The …

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Wake Forest Chiropractic is a Great Place to Straighten Yourself Out

Wake Forest Chiropractic

It seems as if you never need a skilled chiropractor till you are doubled over in pain. But Wake Forest is fortunate to have Dr. Shawn Phelan around to straighten us out. Dr. Phelan and his friendly staff are compassionate, not scary, and never judge you for doing stupid stuff to put your back out. It does not take long …

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