Clandestine Postal Stakeout Completed. Results.

A reader who lives over on Yellow Popular Avenue expressed dismay at the amount of postal trucks that were cutting through their neighborhood to get out to S. Franklin Street. The reader said, “At least 8-10 times per day, U.S. Postal delivery vehicles, including a large box truck, use Yellow Poplar Ave., as a cut … Read more

Religious Rap Battle, Baptist v. Catholic, Who Wins?

Ashley U. helps teach religious history on the SEBTS campus with Bap Rap for a unique look at an otherwise general snoozer of a topic for many. Very creative. But her mad skills don’t end there. Check out the video below promoting a church in the area. Not to think we only talk about Baptist, … Read more

Wake Forest Youth Senselessly Attracted to Japanese Street Racing

In what might be a disturbing trend that could alienate Wake Forest teens from their older parents who irresponsibly listened to She Blinded Me With Science and burned rubber on Wake Forest streets, teenagers are embracing a new form of street racing first seen in Japan. Japan is known for a number of trend setting … Read more

Paint Your Wake Forest House to Avoid Nuclear Death

Have you ever worried about surviving a nuclear attack in Wake Forest? Silly you, no need to worry. Apparently the easy answer has been known for decades but secretively kept from you by the paintinati. This 1954 Civil Defense film revealed the secrets to making sure your Wake Forest home survives a nuclear attack by … Read more

Did This Pastor Nail It or is He a Nut Job?

Did This Pastor Nail It Or Is He A Nut Job?

We almost didn’t know what to do with the following video from Pastor Jim Standbridge of Skiatook, Oklahoma and his May 19, 2013 sermon. So after contemplation and a flip of the coin we’ll toss this out to you for your opinion. Be forewarned if you like skateboards, Europe, brooms, wives, video production or texting, … Read more

New Pendergrass Academy Commercial Regrettably Informative

New Pendergrass Academy Commercial Regrettably Informative

The Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts (PAMA) has released their new commercial, below, to run on local cable channels across the greater Wake Forest metropolitan region. The facility specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. We thank them for allowing us to air the new segment on the Wake Forest News first. Probably … Read more

WFPD Turns Papa Smurf Into Darth Vader

Wfpd Turns Papa Smurf Into Darth Vader

When I heard sleepy Wake Forest had a badass armored SWAT truck the first thought that came to mind was donuts. Can’t help it, my years working through college on the graveyard shift as a police dispatcher created some sort of Pavlovian response. We did eat a lot of donuts. It’s not just a stereotype. But … Read more

E. Carroll Joyner Park Despised by Couch Potatoes

E. Carroll Joyner Park Despised By Couch Potatoes

For those overly fond of beautiful open spaces and healthy exercise, the Town of Wake Forest has just the place for you to hang out, E. Carroll Joyner Park. With it’s 2,000 linear feet of stone ribbon wall to the clean bathrooms, there is something for everyone, except for couch potatoes. Nope, the couch potatoes … Read more

Save Buckets of “Duckets” on College Expenses


Yes, before you start commenting we do know duckets in the title should be spelled ducats but we figured duckets was easier to read and rhyme. Heading off to college for the first time or just another semester is a prime time to either unload your wallet or engage in some deep debt acquisition. But … Read more