A bunch of people stuck these images together and presented them in rapid fire fashion to give you the illusion of something moving. It’s what we like to call video. For your viewing pleasure we’ve adopted 2D.

Train Your Dog to Carry Your Cat Home

Krazy cat dog video

Going out and getting your cat to come back home at an appropriate time, or even caring about coming home can be a chore. You know cats, they make for soft comfortable companions but half the time they couldn’t give a damn about a curfew. One enterprising pet owner has successfully trained their dog to fetch their cat and bring …

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Superior Mark Floor Tape Puts Wake Forest Company in a Really Sticky Situation

Wake Forest company InSite Solutions, LLC, the managing company of, is excited to announce the release of a seven month case study documenting the durability and cost effectiveness of using their patent pending Superior MarkTM floor marking tape as compared to standard floor tape. In recent years, in an effort to cut costs, many manufacturing companies have been marking …

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Wish I’d Known About Them When I Needed a Cheap Dump?

Trashy Dumpster

Budget Dumpster is a nationwide company that rents out dumpsters at an affordable price to those in need of proper waste disposal. The focus of the company is to provide dumpster rentals for commercial and residential cleanups at a price that any budget can afford. Now servicing the Raleigh area and its surrounding suburbs including Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, Knightdale, …

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Brilliant Idea Lights Homes for Free With Trash

Using trash in a brilliant and creative way an entrepreneur in Kenya is utilizing discarded plastic soda bottles and converting them into bottle bulbs. By scaling the simple idea, people in Kenya can afford light on sunny days in dark rooms they otherwise would have had to pay dearly for electricity to illuminate. Missionaries departing from Wake Forest to locations …

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Nasty Bagworms Boogie Down in Wake Forest

Wait for it…keep watching the video. Here’s a hint, the creepy stuff starts happening at the 8 second mark. It’s Alive! Looks like bagworms are making a go of it in some parts of Wake Forest. What starts as a little tiny egg, turns into one big freaking problem as the bagworms multiply. One day you are sauntering past your …

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