My Car Was Hit by a Train and I Owe CarHop

Question: Dear Steve, My car was hit by a train. I have a contract with CarHop, and my insurance had lapsed. How do I get their money and buy from them again? Is bankruptcy the way I should go? Can I file bankruptcy to get Car Hop’s money to them? Joseph Answer: Dear Joseph, I … Read more

I Cosigned for Ex-Husband’s Private Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, I am the cosigner on my now ex-husband’s private student loans. Unfortunately, they are currently going into default. It was over the phone when I cosigned, and I didn’t physically sign anything. I remember he was in Phoenix, and I was in Wales. Could this work to my advantage? And if so, … Read more

Letter: Open Land Never Comes Back

To the editor: Concerned Citizens for the Preservation of Wake Forest Open Space (CCPWFOS) shares many of the same concerns and questions mentioned in in the recent Wake Forest Gazette article on the developer’s neighborhood meeting for this property. The old Wake Forest Country Club and Golf C… Click here to read the full Wake … Read more

Sabres Capital Sent Me to Strategic Debt For Debt Help

Question: Dear Steve, I was looking to consolidate my debt and received an offer from Sabres Capital – when I called, they transferred me to a counselor at Strategic Debt. The offer sounded too good to be true – half the payment – no interest and fee included. Is this how debt consolidation works, and … Read more