Local Wake Forest Women Caught Redhanded Saving a Life

Most of the time local heroes pass silently from one day to another, receiving little recognition for amazing deeds. But today is the exception. Today is the time to share with you the story of one very luck man from Heritage, Carlos Ruiz, and a mother and daughters from Wake Forest who saved his life … Read more

Pooping in the Park Resumes in Wake Forest March 10th

It’s official, warmer weather is on the way for Wake Forest and thanks to a press release from the Town we now know what day it will arrive. Mark your calendars now for the day we are all desperately waiting for has been officially identified as March 10th. On Monday, March 10, the Wake Forest … Read more

Wild Chihuahuas Overrun Arizona Town

Maryvale, Arizona near the west side of Phoenix, has a big small problem. Roaming gang of Chihuahuas are slowly taking over the town. We wonder if they have a Taco Bell there? The best advice given by experts there is to coral the small dog in your yard till animal control arrives. Otherwise the little … Read more

Youngsville FD & EMS Get a Strange One With the Post Office

Mail is being pulled from the damaged Post Office delivery vehicle so it can continue on its appointed rounds.

A little after 3 PM on Saturday, emergency responders in the Youngsville area received a call for help. It seems a two vehicles were involved in an accident on Sid Mitchell Road. If you want to monitor emergency radio traffic in the area, click here. When we arrived on the scene it was a bit … Read more

Weathermagedon – Reader Photos

During the recent February 2014 Weathermagedon snow storm we juggled a number of snowballs in the air. Not only was there the live video storm coverage which you can see here, but plowing our own driveway, getting coffee, and posting reader photos on the Wake Forest News Facebook page. Sadly we have to report we … Read more

This Stuff Gets You Arrested – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary We’ve been totally negligent in posting recent Wake Forest area police reports so we are going to hit the highlights and try to get caught up. This report includes stuff that happened between February 4 and February 20, 2014. Rather than got through the 59 arrests, the 61 accidents, and the 71 incidents one-at-a-time, … Read more

Wake County Makes it Easier to Get a Concealed Carry Permit

Up until now, people wanting to get a pistol purchase permit or a concealed carry permit had to go to downtown Raleigh to apply and pay to get one. Raleigh! Us country folk don’t like the big city. According to Wake County Sheriff, Donnie Harrison, the process just became easier for all those wanting to … Read more