The Beans Spill on the Freakin’ Fast Internet Fiber to the Forest

Monday night was the first “Fiber to the Forest” meeting at the Renaissance Center. Details on the service were shared to us average folks for the first time. For those that are unaware and living under an internet rock, the Town of Wake Forest has embraced bringing gigabit (1,000 megabytes per second upload and download) … Read more

Harley Davidson Rider Meets Ditch and Stony Hill Fire Department

On Mother’s Day afternoon at 4:36 PM the call went out to Stony Hill Fire Department for a motorcyclist injured on Beaver Dam Road. Stony Hill Engine 392 and EMS 12 made the trip out to find one rider with a nice red Harley had managed to land in the ditch. It did not appear … Read more

I See Dead People Tour – Wake Forest Edition

Today was the Wake Forest Cemetery walking tour put on by the Town. There was the cemetery, walking, and a self guided tour. Most of all the good bits you can read online here. You can even take the Wake Forest Cemetery virtual tour. But like all the other character(s) around here there were the … Read more

What the Hell, I’m Up – Car and Bridge Samba

At 6:04 AM on what is certainly going to be a warm and toasty Saturday morning, the call went out for Wake Forest Engine 2, Wake Forest Ladder 1, and Wake Forest Battalion 1 to kindly make an appearance on Capital Boulevard for an accident at Burlington Mills Road. And being the true slack-ass journalist … Read more

Want to Know What Wake EMS and NASCAR Have in Common?

While I can think of a number of things a NASCAR team and Wake EMS have in common, like speed, winning, professionalism, and working with tools, the real common denominator is the pit crew. Oh yes and what they don’t have in common is beer, food concessions, and swag trailers. Although a trailer selling Wake … Read more

Wake Forest Fire Department – Big Hearted Loads

This morning at way too early in the morning, the charitable walk “Carry the Load” passed through a truly sleeping Wake Forest. Members of the Wake Forest Fire Department participated and volunteered to help in the cause. More information on the charity can be found here. The mission of the charity is to “restore the … Read more