Wake Forest Hopes Santa Will Bring Grand Piano

In case you are wondering what to get Pamela Stevens at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, she’s looking for little something special under the tree this year. Pamela has informed Santa (Bill Crabtree) that she would not kick a seven-foot-long Model B grand piano out of bed for eating crackers. The Wake Forest Renaissance Centre … Read more

Nash County and Rocky Mount Home for Nut Jobs

When you think Nash County, North Carolina or Rocky Mount, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well if you are the international company Nutkao you think nut jobs. Yes that’s right, Rock Mount is getting international nut jobs because nobody knows how to make the most of their nuts like folks in Rocky … Read more

Wake Forest International Airport Project — Canceled

In an unfortunate turns of events the Wake Forest International Airport (WFIA) project has been cancelled at the last minute due to unhappy citizens who just did not want the project in their backyard. For those unfamiliar with the planned airport, more can be learned about it here. The airport was set to occupy the … Read more

13 Firefighters Compete Hard for Just One Job

In the past few years it’s been tough finding the perfect job for some. The application and interview can be both daunting but a tough experience as well. But imagine if you also had to pass a physical endurance test to get selected as well. We’d fail, you’d probably fail. Many just would not make … Read more

Wake Forest Police Capture Xmas Happiness for Local Kids

Last night the annual Shop-With-A-Cop (SWAC) program rolled into Walmart. Absolutely not to be confused with SWAT. The program was birthed years ago by Wake Forest Police Detectives Kim Warren and Cindy Perry as a way for the WFPD to offer another awesome community service. For more on this fantastic program and inside details, see … Read more

Twas the Night Before Christmas in Wake Forest (Adult Version)

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Wake Forest Not a business was stirring, not even the florist. The stockings were hung by the gas logs with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas, or some other culturally sensitive similar facsimile, soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While … Read more