Citizen Issue Reported: High Grass/Weeds on Public Property (i.e., street right-of-way) – Wed, 22 Jun 2022 09:24:27 -0400

Wake Forest Issue Reported on Wed, 22 Jun 2022 09:24:27 -0400: High Grass/Weeds on Public Property (i.e., street right-of-way) at Address: 208 Elm Ave Wake Forest NC 27587, United States Rating: 1 The intersection of Elm and Main is already dangerous The plants (weeds?) at the right of this photo prevent motorists driving north on … Read more

Merchant Cash Advance Company Forced to Send $9.7 Million to Small Businesses

The Federal Trade Commission is sending 7,731 checks totaling more than $9.7 million to small businesses who were harmed by Yellowstone Capital, a merchant cash advance company that withdrew money from their bank accounts without permission. Eligible businesses are getting 51% of their money back, averaging more than $1,200 for each check. Recipients should cash … Read more

I Want to Get Rid of My Fingerhut and Credit One Bank Cards

Question: Dear Steve, About three years ago, I acquired three credit cards – two from Credit One Bank and one from Fingerhut. I only applied for these particular ones because I had a bankruptcy in 2011, wanted to build up my credit score again, and could not find any other companies who’d issue me one. … Read more