Monday, January 17, 2022

Cackalacky Stuff For Sale at NC General Stores

Cackalacky Stuff For Sale At Nc General Stores

Honestly, we didn’t even know what Cackalacky was but a search of Cackalacky discovered it is used in place of Carolina. As in North Cackalacky. In that case we need a case of it. Okay, maybe just the bumper sticker you can buy at NC General Stores in Wake Forest. We think it would keep people from tailgating. Bonus! And …

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White Street Computers, Portal to Salvation

White Street Computers, Portal To Salvation

We were walking down the street in Wake Forest on this crisp Saturday morning, the first chill of the season, and spotted what might actually be the secret path to heaven and/or hell. At least it certainly looks that way. The choices are either beckoning biblical shafts of light from above which invite you to eternal salvation or you can …

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This Business Desperately Needed in Wake Forest

This Business Desperately Needed In Wake Forest

Things in Wake Forest are humming along fine. Places look busy and opportunity abounds. But if we could cast a vote for a needed new business it would the one above we recently spotted on a trip to Lansing, Michigan. We all need a place to turn ourselves around, don’t we? “Jimmy, you’ve got to turn yourself around man.” “I …

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Bearable Hit and Run – Caption Contest

Bearable Hit And Run – Caption Contest

We are absolutely not sure what the story is behind this cute adorable bear stuck to the front of this beater car is. It’s got to be good though. The conversation must have gone something like, “Sally, I can’t believe I actually rear ended that old ladies car on Capital Blvd.” “You parents are going to be pissed, what are …

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The Soap Rejuvenator and Boobs. A Wake Forest Invention.

The Soap Rejuvenator And Boobs. A Wake Forest Invention.

We’ve always got our feelers out for new and unique Wake Forest news to report. This latest information comes from a press release sent out by a company called InventHelp. InventHelp says their Raleigh office, which is in Durham, is assisting an unidentified Wake Forest inventor with an idea to help rescue lost soap nubbins. The product will be called …

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New Pendergrass Academy Commercial Regrettably Informative

New Pendergrass Academy Commercial Regrettably Informative

The Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts (PAMA) has released their new commercial, below, to run on local cable channels across the greater Wake Forest metropolitan region. The facility specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. We thank them for allowing us to air the new segment on the Wake Forest News first. Probably the only scoop we’ll get …

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Wake Forest Coffee Company. A Place for Bean Counters.

Wake Forest Coffee Company. A Place For Bean Counters.

I know the title to this story is silly, but the funny part is it is true. The last few visits to the “must see” Wake Forest Coffee Company has actually had us sitting next to people doing accounting work. Here is the ironic thing why the Wake Forest Coffee Company is a local favorite. It doesn’t try to be …

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Wake Forest Residents Participate in Pew Research Study on Happiness

Wake Forest Residents Participate In Pew Research Study On Happiness

The Pew Research Center has finally released the results of their recent study on happiness. Wake Forest resident Stephanie Jones, who works in Durham, was featured in the video report you see above. Some of the responses by other Wake Forest residents that didn’t make the report included: Wanting SEBTS library to be open on Sunday. 9 for 1 pizza …

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PowerSecure Featured Image Confuses Us

Powersecure Featured Image Confuses Us

Granted, we are all easily confused here at the Wake Forest Times News (we even got our own name wrong) but in researching a potential story about PowerSecure, a Wake Forest company doing fantastic, the featured image of a pot plant in the Google search results has left us scratching our heads. Sometimes truth is much funnier than fiction.

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