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Youngsville FD & EMS Get a Strange One With the Post Office

Mail is being pulled from the damaged Post Office delivery vehicle so it can continue on its appointed rounds.

A little after 3 PM on Saturday, emergency responders in the Youngsville area received a call for help. It seems a two vehicles were involved in an accident on Sid Mitchell Road. If you want to monitor emergency radio traffic in the area, click here. When we arrived on the scene it was a bit of a mystery what happened. …

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Best Mug Shot of the Week – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Today marks two events. First, we slacked off yesterday and didn’t post the crime blotter. The choice was between a nap or this and sadly the nap won. Second, we are going to start including North Raleigh crime since Raleigh comes up to our border and is in what we consider to be the general Wake Forest area. January …

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Damn You Sun – Accident Ligon Mill Rd and S. Main St

On Tuesday afternoon as the sun was setting, four vehicles managed to become entangled at S. Main Street and Ligon Mill Road. One person at the scene said his mother-in-law had been driving the black Ford Focus and was traveling south on Ligon Mill Road on a green light when she was struck by a white Kia minivan traveling west …

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Unfortunate U.S. 1 Youngsville T-Bone Accident

At 9:35 this morning the call went out to the Youngsville Fire Department, Franklin County EMS and Youngsville Rescue & EMS about a full speed t-bone accident at Bert Winston Road and U.S. 1. According to witnesses at the scene the white pickup truck was sitting on Bert Winston Road when the cross traffic light turned green. One witness who …

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Crash Over Neuse River Results in Nose Job

At 11:25 this morning two motorists had the misfortune to meet over the Neuse River today. It appeared to be a nose job with the fronts of both cars suffering the brunt of the damage. You can listen to the dispatch call below. Luckily nobody appeared to be badly injured as EMS 10 appeared to leave headed for Wendy’s and …

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More Strangers Meet at Ale House Ramp

Earlier this month we covered an accidental threesome at the Carolina Ale House and this afternoon two more strangers met at the same spot. It seems the entrance ramp onto Capital Blvd headed south is a bit problematic for some. Just the other day we found ourselves the likely participant in an errant merge at the bottom of the ramp …

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Truck Driver Has Erection and Falls Over in Wake Forest

Thanks to an awesome Facebook reader we learned of a truck accident today between Purnell Road and Jenkins Road on Capital Blvd. Traffic was snarled as people gawked at the big truck laying on its side. What, you’ve never seen a huge truck fall over? Okay, we’ll give you the fact it’s not something we see around here on a …

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Accidental Threesome at Ale House

Trying to sneak past accident.

On an overcast, cold, and cloudy day last week three vehicles managed to clog up the entrance ramp in front of the Carolina Ale House from Dr. Calvin Jones to U.S. Route 1 South. According to official reports the pickup truck stopped to allow for other traffic merging onto the entrance ramp. Unfortunately the driver of the silver car was …

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Crotch Rocket Hits Curb, Catches Fire, Makes Toast

Motorcycle Burns

Being motorcycle riders ourselves, albeit not sports bikes “crotch rockets” we have observed a number of young riders doing some pretty silly things on bikes that wind up with a poor outcome. You can translate that as WTF Dude! Now in the interest of full disclosure, we’ve done some kinda stupid things ourselves. But unlike burning up our motorcycle they …

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Tuesday Night Wet Accident Between Two Trucks

An emergency call went out on Tuesday night for a collision of two trucks at the intersection of Old Falls of Neuse Road and Dr. Calvin Jones Highway. You can listen to the call below. The call went out for Wake Forest Engine 1, Wake Forest Ladder 1, and Wake Forest Battalion 1 to respond. It was very difficult to …

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