Wake Forest Driver Does It Up Big

A couple of days ago a driver managed to learn a driving lesson the hard way on Magnolia Forest Court in Wake Forest. The police report says the driver was distracted by a drink her passenger had just spilled in the car. Yea, we’d be a bit distracted and pissed off as well over that. … Read more

I’ll Have My Truck Over Easy Please

Last Sunday, November 10, 2013, we were just on our way to Home Depot when we rounded the corner to find this in front of us. We must be like accident magnets. And this certainly is not something you see every day around Wake Forest. At first we thought the driver of the pickup truck … Read more

S. Main Street Accident on Wednesday Gets Us to Sonic

On Wednesday afternoon around 4 pm the call went out that an accident with injuries had occurred near the intersection of S. Main Street and Capcom Avenue. You can hear the emergency dispatch call below. It was not abundantly clear who was at fault in the accident but the black car you will see below … Read more

Raleigh Teenager Learns How Not to Take a Corner Like a Pro in Wake Forest

For this accident in Wake Forest on October 28 we wanted to wait till the “official” Wake Forest PD accident report came out just so we didn’t guess wrong how this happened. From our perch above the accident it appeared a young lad had managed to make a right turn and throw his car across … Read more

Truck Driver Creatively Squares Off Circle

No disrespect to over the road truck drivers but this accident today seemed avoidable. The driver should probably have seen the circle jump out as he passed by. But alas, no. All clear now. Just a damaged wall and a fractured wallet as we are sure a bill will be sent to repair the beautiful … Read more

The Wrath of Traffic – Rogers / Forestville

This afternoon around 3 pm two unfortunate Wake Forest drivers became suddenly introduced at the intersection of Rogers Road and Forestville Road. You can hear the emergency call below that was dispatched. We will have to wait a couple of days for the official accident report but from the look of it the white car … Read more

Not the Saturday Morning You Want to Have

Around 4:30 Saturday morning Wake Forest Engine 2, and one very tired Wake Forest News reporter, responded to an accident with injuries call on Capital Blvd. and S. Main Street. The good news is there was no traffic on the road and we hit all the lights green. Sweet! You can listen to the call … Read more

Stadium Drive Rear Ender

On Sunday afternoon October 13, 2013 around 6 PM a couple of Wake Forest transportation devices had a most unfortunate collision on Stadium Drive. Engine 4 responded from Station 1 and took care of business on arrival. It appeared Battalion Chief Royce Fuoco, Firefighter Bobby Neal, Lieutenant William Schultz, and some other guy showed up … Read more

Wake Forest Driver Achieves Unlikely in Accident

This afternoon a local Wake Forest driver managed to achieve a nearly impossible feat as the young lad, who shall remain nameless, completely overlooked a big ass U-Haul truck and smacked into it while driving up hill. The young driver only had one request for us after we arrived on the scene, “Please don’t put … Read more