March 11-12, 2014 – Wakefield Plantation Gets Dicey – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Well it finally looks like for this two day period the Wake Forest Police Department didn’t have to burn gas driving arrests downtown for their free portrait photos. And thankfully we didn’t have a plethora of drug busts. But it looks like financial crimes made a bit of a surge in the few incidents … Read more

March 10, 2014 – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Some cars went boom-boom and one stupid kid took his bong to school. Disclaimer The following information is from law enforcement sources. All information posted to the Wake Forest News site is data gathered from public sources and is subject to change without notice. The information is provided without warranty or representation, express or … Read more

Mar 7-9 Dipshits and Numbnuts – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary The general observation, if people would stop driving around with weed in their car the WFPD would be dead bored. But here is the summary, we had a couple of 16 year-old boys breaking or entering and damaging some property, a bunch of drug busts, and a high school kid carrying a concealed weapon … Read more

This Stuff Gets You Arrested – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary We’ve been totally negligent in posting recent Wake Forest area police reports so we are going to hit the highlights and try to get caught up. This report includes stuff that happened between February 4 and February 20, 2014. Rather than got through the 59 arrests, the 61 accidents, and the 71 incidents one-at-a-time, … Read more

Unlucky Woman Arrested Stealing Tampons – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary This report covers the action in Town from 1-24-2014 to 2-3-2014. We’ve been remiss in covering the police blotter. So let’s hit the highlights. A man with a really long neck was busted for breaking and entering. An arrest was made of a woman from Zebulon who was caught shoplifting tampons, menstrual pads, and … Read more

Fishing Without a License and Weed Busts Top List – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary It’s been an eventful bunch of days since our last update. The most notable arrest was for fishing without a license. There were a bunch of pot busts, the standard Walmart shoplifting charges and then some miscellaneous stupid stuff. DWI arrests are down but weed citations are up. Wake Forest PD should just open … Read more

Purse Snatching But Quiet – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Thursday was a bad day to be at the intersection of Rogers Road and Marshall Farm Street. As police and the fire department dealt with an earlier accident at the intersection another accident occurred as one car collided with the rear of another. At least the response time to the second one was incredibly … Read more

Best Mug Shot of the Week – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Today marks two events. First, we slacked off yesterday and didn’t post the crime blotter. The choice was between a nap or this and sadly the nap won. Second, we are going to start including North Raleigh crime since Raleigh comes up to our border and is in what we consider to be the … Read more