Wow. Southern Baptist Convention Bans Confederate Flag, Defends Muslims, Welcomes Refugees

The Southern Baptist Convention has just wrapped up in beautiful St. Louis. Okay, the beautiful part might be a bit of a stretch. But you have to hand it to the Southern Baptists for coming out as the progressive party. Here are some highlights that just crossed my desk. The words below come directly from … Read more

Religious Rap Battle, Baptist v. Catholic, Who Wins?

Ashley U. helps teach religious history on the SEBTS campus with Bap Rap for a unique look at an otherwise general snoozer of a topic for many. Very creative. But her mad skills don’t end there. Check out the video below promoting a church in the area. Not to think we only talk about Baptist, … Read more

Ask Winnie – What’s Up With All the Damn Baptists?

Ask Winnie – What’s Up With All The Damn Baptists?

Dear Winnie, I’m tired of running into Baptist all over town (don’t they know this town has a “no solicitation” policy?), so I’d love to know how many atheists live in Wake Forest, and where do they hang out? Jesus-Free Zoner [includeme file=”postincludes/subscribe.txt”] Dear JFZ, Even though I’m just a squirrel, I still get what … Read more