Randall Mayor Wakeforest Litter

We have to give a big hat tip to all the political candidates in the recent Wake Forest election. A vote for most entertaining candidate goes to Bill Randall and his campaign signs which we covered in RANDALL MAYOR WAKEFOREST – Fail. Now that all the voting is over we’d like to sincerely thank almost … Read more

Bill Randall Favored By Some Voters in Race for Wake Forest Mayor

Bill Randall, the candidate who ran against Wake Forest Mayor Vivian Jones was favored in the election held in Wake Forest today by nearly one in four voters. Incumbent Jones secured 2,575 votes or 71 percent of votes, supported by her platform of homemade cakes and cookies for all. Wake Forest residents are easily persuaded … Read more

Mayoral Candidate Calls Us Hacks

You know when a mayoral candidate calls us hacks, our initial knee-jerk response is “yes, yes we are.” But that’s because we are a newspaper where our slogan is “where half the news is fit to print.” Recently we published what was supposed to be a fun a light look at the two candidates for … Read more

Wake Forest Mayor Jones, Not Responsive? Let Them Eat Cake.

Recently we published a look at the Wake Forest race for Mayor, here. In that article, challenger Bill Randal made the statement the Town of Wake Forest under the guidance of Mayor Jones has been less responsive to citizens. As an example he told us “I believe that the local government could be MORE responsive … Read more

Wake Forest Mayoral Race, Quirky and Interesting

On November 5th Wake Forest Town residents will have another turn to poorly show up to vote for Wake Forest Mayor. However here is an idea, maybe we should hold the election at the Hardee’s drive through in town. You could vote and get a breakfast sandwich at the same time. That would help turn … Read more