Wake Forest Po-Po: Identify These Dudes, Win Lunch With Mariah Carey

Wake Forest Police don’t have a clue who these dudes are so they are crowdsourcing this identification. WFPD wants to know, “who they be” from the surveillance camera images. We’ve provided our best guesses but please give WFPD a bell at 919-435-9610 if you know. The guys are wanted for questioning in connection with an … Read more

Wake Forest Police Issue BOLO for Cute Blonde

Wake Forest Police Issue Bolo For Cute Blonde

In an effort to engage in effective policing but also to be sensitive to the budding artistic community in Wake Forest, the progressive and very cool Wake Forest Police Department has released its first perp drawing by their new volunteer artist Mary Margret Muckenfuss. The “be on the look out” notice, BOLO in police lingo, … Read more