CPR-trained teachers save 8th-grader who has heart attack

Wake Forest, N.C. — It’s common to hear of medical professionals who care for someone having a heart attack. That situation took a twist when an eighth-grader at Heritage Middle School in Wake Forest was the patient and a newly formed medical response team came to his aid. Justin Ochoa was sitting with some classmates … Read more

Pedestrian Struck on Capital Boulevard

Last night while we were having a driving rain storm in Wake Forest a pedestrian was stuck on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh at about 8:00 pm. The victim’s injuries appear to be serious, but not life-threatening. Raleigh Police Department officers responded to the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Calvary Drive, where a male pedestrian had … Read more

Local Wake Forest Women Caught Redhanded Saving a Life

Most of the time local heroes pass silently from one day to another, receiving little recognition for amazing deeds. But today is the exception. Today is the time to share with you the story of one very luck man from Heritage, Carlos Ruiz, and a mother and daughters from Wake Forest who saved his life … Read more