Who is This Wake Forest Thief?

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Wake Forest Police are asking for the public’s help identifying and locating the individual shown in the attached surveillance images. The subject is wanted for questioning in connection with multiple vehicle break-ins in the vicinity of Main Divide Drive in the Bowling Green subdivision. The crimes occurred May 15-19 between 9-10 p.m. The suspect is … Read more

Teen Caught With Junk in the Trunk and More – MNSFW

Warning: Maybe Not Suitable for Work So this is not about Wake Forest but we come across the strangest things during the day. Many which you are thankfully not subjected to, like the Papa John’s pizza delivery driver guy caught on tape having sex with his roommates German Shepherd dog. Damn, we just subjected you … Read more

Husband Returns Without Beer So Wife Stabs Him With Ceramic Squirrel

Under the heading of “of course she did” comes this story. Helen Williams of North Charleston, South Carolina was arrested for allegedly attacking her common-law husband after he returned home Christmas Eve after being unable to purchase beer due to stores being closed because of the celebration of birth of Christ holiday. Williams is alleged … Read more