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How to Avoid Scammers and Find a Reputable Extended Car Warranty Company

Car warranties can be a helpful tool for keeping your car safe and reliable. An extended car warranty is much like the warranties that come with new cars. It covers your car’s mechanical and electrical systems, such as the engine and transmission, if they break down. Unfortunately, there are many extended car warranty scams out there. Consumers received 28.2 million …

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How Can I Negotiate With American Express to Get My Card Back?

Question: Dear Steve, A failed business deal caused me to lose my American Express card, and in return, my 20-year-old personal account that I never missed a payment on or was never late was canceled as well. I want to pay off the defaulted balance in return for my personal card being returned. However, I’m so concerned that I will …

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Who Can I Talk to About Student Loan Repayment Issues?

Question: Dear Steve, I took a federal student loan for grad school in 1975. My Social Security now is garnisheed. Since 1993 loan collection has taken $35,000 from me, and not one cent has been applied to the loan amount only to interest. Is it legal not to put payments on to loan principal? Do you know of a lawyer …

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Never Ever, Ever, Ever Co-Sign a Student Loan. Never!

Joss recently wrote Steve Rhode (the Get Out of Debt Guy) and asked for advice about a student loan her father took out to help finance her college education. Joss co-signed the loan but understood that her father would pay the loan back. He didn’t. Joss didn’t know her father was not paying down the loan until it showed up …

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Online Learning Sucks: Don’t pay $50,000 a year to take classes in your pajamas


American universities are in a tight spot. When the coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020, almost all of them closed their campuses and switched to online instruction. Result? Students filed hundreds of lawsuits against the colleges, claiming–rightly in my opinion–that online teaching is inferior to face-to-face instruction and wasn’t what they paid for. In many of these cases, students were …

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Do You Owe Equitable Acceptance Over Student Loan Help – No You Don’t

Equitable Acceptance Corporation has a clever plan when student loan debt relief was being sold hot and heavy. They would take over the contracts owed for services and when the underlying debt relief company vanished or folded, the contracts were still due, even when the services delivered were haphazard at best. “Equitable Acceptance Corporation (EAC) may have been able to …

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