Help Toby Recover

Diane wrote me about Toby, a dog in trouble that needs our help. Toby is a good dog in a bad spot. A couple found Toby severely injured dog in a ditch between Knightdale and Wendall this weekend. They took the dog to the vet. He is in very bad shape. He is a male, … Read more

Wild Chihuahuas Overrun Arizona Town

Maryvale, Arizona near the west side of Phoenix, has a big small problem. Roaming gang of Chihuahuas are slowly taking over the town. We wonder if they have a Taco Bell there? The best advice given by experts there is to coral the small dog in your yard till animal control arrives. Otherwise the little … Read more

This is What Happens When You Leave Wake Forest

This Is What Happens When You Leave Wake Forest

There is almost no good reason to ever want to Leave Wake Forest unless it involves a boat drink, a ship, and an ocean. But here are some observations about life outside of Wake Forest from a recent excursion to Michigan. It get’s weird out here in the outside world. Get me back to Wake … Read more