Friday, November 27, 2020
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Using Coupons at The Dollar Tree

Coupons and The Dollar Tree don’t sound like they go together, but The Dollar Tree has been accepting coupons for years! However, other than myself, I rarely see anyone use them. So I randomly picked ten women (women because 58.7% of people who coupon are female) in the store to ask if they ever used coupons. Nine out of the ... Read More »

Teri Wants to Know the Poop At Gateway Commons

Teri wrote in here and said, “Since you are so good at sleuthing around….what are the two new places being built at Gateway shopping center. And why are these new projects always such a big secret that they don’t put up a sign telling us what’s being built? Inquiring minds want to know!” Well thanks to Teri and her inquiring ... Read More »