Crash Over Neuse River Results in Nose Job

At 11:25 this morning two motorists had the misfortune to meet over the Neuse River today. It appeared to be a nose job with the fronts of both cars suffering the brunt of the damage. You can listen to the dispatch call below. Luckily nobody appeared to be badly injured as EMS 10 appeared to … Read more

N. White Street Structure Fire Wakes Town Up

Smoke, haze, and fire all welcome arriving fire departments.

Around 8:30 AM this morning an old house caught fire on N. White Street in downtown Wake Forest. The property, owned by Babar Rehman & Aziz Ur is listed as being built in 1901. The call went out for multiple units to respond. You can listen to the call below. Equipment dispatched included Wake Forest … Read more

I’ll Have My Truck Over Easy Please

Last Sunday, November 10, 2013, we were just on our way to Home Depot when we rounded the corner to find this in front of us. We must be like accident magnets. And this certainly is not something you see every day around Wake Forest. At first we thought the driver of the pickup truck … Read more