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Payoff by Happy Money Mailer Raises Legit Questions


A reader sent in a mailer they received from Payoff by Happy Money. You can see the front of the letter below. What caught my eye was the address on the back of the mailer. It says PO Box 129, Palatine, IL 60078. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you have junk …

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Reader Confused by The Meridian Team of Supreme Lending Mailer

A reader sent in this marketing mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program and said, “I found this to be confusing and unclear as to what is being offered, and fine print regarding fees. Not planning to explore this one.” In fairness to the superhero-sounding lender “The Meridian Team of Supreme Lending” it appears when you wade through the …

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