Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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A Pain of a Nurse?

Jenny sent it this plate she spotted on 98. Se said, “Was riding behind this nurse on the 98 bypass earlier today. Not sure I’d want to visit her…LOL!” I have to admit I’m a bit confused exactly what they owner was trying to communicate. If their name is Paine then maybe using the last name isn’t the best idea ... Read More »

SUPERM4N – Thanks Jenny

Jenny sent in this picture. She said, “I guess we know which superhero is his favorite. Saw this at the Fairgrounds Flea Market a few weeks ago.” Now that’s a Superfan of Superman. Read More »

Marjorie FTW – Best Plate / Sticker Combination of the Month

Marjorie wins 10,000 points today for her incredible find of a funny license plate and great bumper sticker on this red VW Beatle. It made me laugh out loud. Sometimes the best picture is taken by just being in the right place at the right time. Congratulations Marjorie for being awarded the highest number of Wake Forest News points at ... Read More »

Do You Want a New Start?

Big hat tip to Shannah for sending in this license plate. Now I can only hope this plate was supposed to read ANU START or A NU START. Otherwise it sure looks like ANUS TART which would be an incredibly uncomfortable thing to advertise. It seems the plate origin is actually from the television show Arrested Development. After his father-in-law ... Read More »

Shopping Addict License Plate – Funny

Jessica sent in this license plate she spotted at Crabtree Mall yesterday. Now there is someone who is fully in touch with their shoe addiction. Thanks for sending it in Jessica. If you spot a funny license plate, send it in here. Read More »

The License Plate of a Married Person

Reader Frank sent in this plate he spotted on in Wake Forest on South Main not long ago. For those who might be married you will recognize the sentiment. Keep sending in the creative license plates you spot around Wake Forest that make you smile. You can do that by clicking here. Let’s celebrate creative humor. Read More »