Your Quick Side Hustle Guide: Everything You Need to Know

By Patrick Young The time when you could expect a stable, secure job for life has long passed. Self-employment is at an all-time high, and the “gig” economy is the new normal. To survive and, indeed, thrive in 2021 and beyond, workers must embrace the entrepreneurial mindset: If you want financial security, essentially, you will … Read more

Drone Corps – I Don’t Get It

Update: March 10, 2022 I received an angry email about the post below. I gave the gentleman that contacted me and represented he was Jim Mikel from Drone Corps, an opportunity to add any statement he wanted to the post and please identify any information that was incorrect. He responded with the following statement. The … Read more

8 Passive Income Ventures Worth The Investment

With COVID-19 causing such a lack of economic security, an increasing number of people are turning to passive income streams to become less reliant on their primary sources. But generating passive income streams isn’t just for times of uncertainty and really there is never a bad time for effortless in-flows. Next time you are looking … Read more