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Dog on Lap While Driving: Unsafe…and Illegal

While driving under the influence was once the major focus of safety on the road, distracted driving of all kinds has gained national attention in recent years. Texting and driving has proven to be the latest serious road hazard; it has cost a number of lives, and 42 states have developed laws and campaigns against it. Now many states are …

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Surprise! Your Pet Is Welcome! Unexpected Places that Do Allow Pets

It’s common knowledge that pets are welcome at dog parks, most people parks, and most pet stores. Beyond that, however, the world can sometimes seem a little unfriendly to pet parents who would like to bring their furry best friends along everywhere possible. What many pet parents don’t realize is that their pets are welcome in more places than they …

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Train Your Dog to Carry Your Cat Home

Krazy cat dog video

Going out and getting your cat to come back home at an appropriate time, or even caring about coming home can be a chore. You know cats, they make for soft comfortable companions but half the time they couldn’t give a damn about a curfew. One enterprising pet owner has successfully trained their dog to fetch their cat and bring …

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