Youngsville FD & EMS Get a Strange One With the Post Office

Mail is being pulled from the damaged Post Office delivery vehicle so it can continue on its appointed rounds.

A little after 3 PM on Saturday, emergency responders in the Youngsville area received a call for help. It seems a two vehicles were involved in an accident on Sid Mitchell Road. If you want to monitor emergency radio traffic in the area, click here. When we arrived on the scene it was a bit … Read more

Yellow Popular Avenue Post Office Response & Pothole Update

The other day we engaged in a clandestine postal stakeout, thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. This all stemmed from a reader was concerned about the amount of postal truck traffic down their residential neighborhood street. We took the concern and video to the United States Post Office to see if any change was in the … Read more

Clandestine Postal Stakeout Completed. Results.

A reader who lives over on Yellow Popular Avenue expressed dismay at the amount of postal trucks that were cutting through their neighborhood to get out to S. Franklin Street. The reader said, “At least 8-10 times per day, U.S. Postal delivery vehicles, including a large box truck, use Yellow Poplar Ave., as a cut … Read more