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How Can I Deal With My Student Loans After Bankruptcy?

Question: Dear Steve, Hi, I’m currently in bankruptcy which will be done in a couple of months for my $20k in credit card debt. However, my next battle is to figure out how I will pay for my $190k in student loan debt. These are both federal and private loans. Private loans from Sallie Mae. And they’re not offering me …

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U.S. Asset Management is Suing Me Over Old Private Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, I owe close to $40,000 in private student loan debt. The interests rates are 10% or more on some. The payments are way too high for me to make. I stopped paying in 2016. I am getting letters in the mail from U.S. Asset Management through the court of common pleas in Ohio. I believe it is …

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Attorney Takes Exception With Student Loan Lender Article

On August 4, 2021, SoFi published an article called “Is There a Statute of Limitations on Debt?” (https://www.sofi.com/learn/content/statute-of-limitations-on-debt/). Most would agree that the simple answer is yes because they assume the author is actually referring to lawsuits on debt, not the debt itself. For example, as correctly pointed out in the article, the expiration of the statute of limitation (SOL) …

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