Listen to Raleigh Carjacking 911 Calls

At 9:10 p.m. yesterday, Raleigh Police Department officers responded to a report of an apparent attempted carjacking in the 6200 block of Rock Quarry Road. The victims reported that a suspect approached their vehicle and attempted to enter it as they were leaving a shopping center. Other individuals, who were believed to be additional suspects, … Read more

Stumbled Across an Accident by Accident

This afternoon on my way to a different accident I found myself in the middle of a different accident at Falls of Neuse and Forest Pines. The Raleigh part of our Wake Forest area. I’m actually surprised there are not more accidents there. I have absolutely no clue what happened at the busy intersection but … Read more

Shooters Cause Paramedics and Police to Blend for Victim Survival

This past week in brutal heat and an empty unairconditioned downtown office building, the Raleigh Police Department and Wake EMS were spending valuable time both sweating and learning new skills that may benefit you. The talented Raleigh Police Department didn’t need to practice on how to deal with a shooter who kills people. It’s something … Read more

Listen to 911 Call. Police Officer Shot in N. Raleigh / Wake Forest Area

Overnight, Officer K.J. Barefoot, a Raleigh Police Officer, was wounded in the left leg during an altercation with a person armed with a handgun in an area that most locals would consider as part of the greater Wake Forest area. The 911 caller you will hear below says the suspect appeared to be intoxicated and … Read more

Biohazard at Sheetz. It’s Not a Hot Dog

Raleigh FD Battalion Chief Boyette does live shot for local TV station.

This morning at about 11 AM a call went out for Raleigh Fire Department Engine 22 to respond to the Sheetz on Thornton Road, near where we had the overturned cement truck yesterday. Apparently someone left a package of bottles or vials that are used for medical collection. Allegedly a Sheetz employee found these by … Read more

Listen to Wake Forest Area Police and Fire Departments

In order to help residents stay tuned to the latest events in the Wake Forest area we are bringing you the Wake Forest News live scanner so you can hear events as they happen. Using the player below you can listen to events as they happen using your computer or smartphone. You will be able … Read more

Bang Goes the Heroin on East Oak Avenue

Earlier today we reported what a reader had told us about an event last night on East Oak Avenue in Wake Forest. The reader said, “Please find out what happened last night on East Oak Ave. It’s off of North Main near The Border Restaurant (in WaFo.) There was a loud boom around 9 pm. … Read more