Unlucky Woman Arrested Stealing Tampons – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary This report covers the action in Town from 1-24-2014 to 2-3-2014. We’ve been remiss in covering the police blotter. So let’s hit the highlights. A man with a really long neck was busted for breaking and entering. An arrest was made of a woman from Zebulon who was caught shoplifting tampons, menstrual pads, and … Read more

Capital Blvd, Being Sassy and a DWI Don’t Mix – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary This report covers January 10 to 12 (Friday to Sunday), 2014. Otherwise known as the dumb ass weekend report. Last weekend was relatively quiet unless you were driving on or near Capital Blvd, 40 years-old and impaired. We can think of at least four people last weekend who thought a DWI arrest would never … Read more

1-9-2014 Stolen Car, Beer, Wine, and Ring – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Thursday was a busy crime day in Wake Forest. From a stolen ring, vehicle, beer, wine and then some worthless checks and embezzlement, the police made up for the slow day before. Disclaimer The following information is from law enforcement sources. All information posted to the Wake Forest News site is data gathered from … Read more

Real Estate Agent Nabbed for Shoplifting – Wake Forest Police Blotter

Summary Overall January 8, 2014 was a slow day for crime in Wake Forest. A 51 year-old white male was cited for larceny at the Super Target in Wake Forest and that was the lone arrest. The tall and skinny mans occupation was listed as real estate agent and he lives in Wake Forest. There … Read more