Wow. Southern Baptist Convention Bans Confederate Flag, Defends Muslims, Welcomes Refugees

The Southern Baptist Convention has just wrapped up in beautiful St. Louis. Okay, the beautiful part might be a bit of a stretch. But you have to hand it to the Southern Baptists for coming out as the progressive party. Here are some highlights that just crossed my desk. The words below come directly from … Read more

Seminary Football Lampoon 2013 Review

Seminary Football Lampoon 2013 Review

It’s that time of the year again. Football season is upon us. Hallelujah. This year Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) is hoping to make the playoffs. It’s been a rough couple of seasons, especially with having to play religious conference football games at the baseball field at J.B. Flaherty Park since they had no football … Read more

Seminary Praying for Big Expansion Approval from Wake Forest

As part of my ongoing coverage of development plans under review, here is another. You can find all past stories, here. Keep in mind these plans are currently under review and may have some changes and modifications as they go through that process with the Town of Wake Forest. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Yesterday I … Read more

Seminary to Extinguish Giant Cigarette

According to the Wake Forest Gazette the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary will be soon removing the giant cigarette effigy that seems to have been left behind when the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation won the original Wake Forest College in a strip poker tournament in 1946. It took till 1956 for the school to finally explain … Read more

Is The Crosswalk Conundrum a Conspiracy at the Seminary?

Being the investigative reporter that I am I had to tackle the statement a reader sent in. They said, “I have a potential story for you, what is up with the roundabout in front of the Seminary (Main Street and 98)? There used to be brick crosswalks, and they have disappeared! Now it’s just filled … Read more

Aerial Wake Forest – Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

This video marks the first in a new series of videos I will be rolling out featuring the unique, beautiful, and wonderful sights of the greater Wake Forest area from the air. While my usual approach is moist with snark and sarcasm, I just couldn’t pull that trigger on this video after spending a couple … Read more

School Bus Nails Car on Stadium Drive

This afternoon a school bus decided to introduce itself to a weather appropriate Mazda Miata on Stadium Drive and North Wingate Street. It appeared school bus 1533 collided with the Miata as it crossed in front of the bus as it allegedly traveled from N. Wingate towards the campus, across Stadium Drive. The Mazda back … Read more