Stony Hill Fire Department Wants You And You Should Go

We recently had the chance to be spend time out at Stony Hill Fire Department Station 1 on Stony Hill Road in Wake Forest. It was a pleasure getting to know the crew and learn more about the station. Stony Hill Fire Department is actually called Stony Hill Rural Fire Department but that’s not because … Read more

Dryer Vent Probably Started Unexpected Fire

This afternoon a most unfortunate alleged dryer accident ignited a house in Wake Forest at 1040 Bear Hollow Road. Located at the end of a dirt road that wound back through the thick trees, the fire trucks, Wake EMS and Wake County Sheriff’s office managed to wind their way in. [googlemap src=”,+Wake+Forest&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x89ac55b3afa9d615:0x5286b72d5c129235,1040+Bear+Hollow+Rd,+Wake+Forest,+NC+27587&gl=us&ei=v5q8UofuKpOrsQTu5oHgBw&ved=0CC4Q8gEwAA” ] The Channel … Read more

13 Firefighters Compete Hard for Just One Job

In the past few years it’s been tough finding the perfect job for some. The application and interview can be both daunting but a tough experience as well. But imagine if you also had to pass a physical endurance test to get selected as well. We’d fail, you’d probably fail. Many just would not make … Read more

Stony Hill Fire Department Burns House to Ground Like a Boss

On Sunday night a call went out for a whole lot of fire departments to show up and do what they do. Wake Forest was invited to the party but apparently they were told to turn back. Bit of a bummer for us since we turned up at the scene only to not find any … Read more