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Medical School is Not For Me But – My Loans!


Question: Dear Steve, I am a current third-year medical student that wants to drop out and pursue a different career. The student loan that I have is around 200k and paying that off while searching for new employment would believe me with next to nothing to support myself. How realistic is it that I can just stop paying back my …

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Can You Discharge Private Student Loans in Bankruptcy?

There’s a big misconception that private student loans can never be discharged in bankruptcy. People have repeated that statement so often they believe it to be a fact. The only problem is it’s not quite true. Some private student loans are clearly eligible to be wiped away in a consumer bankruptcy. Even in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it takes only …

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One Way to Eliminate Your Student Loans in Your Spare Time

By Katie Albert How do you start a family, buy a home or just live a comfortable life when your minimum monthly student loan payment is more than most mortgage payments? You could easily pay off those pesky student loans if you only had more money. You could get a second job. Who needs to spend time with friends and …

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