Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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How Can I Get In On the Lawsuit Against American Credit Acceptance?

Question: Dear Steve, I own a vehicle with a loan held by American Credit Acceptance, LLC. I live in South Carolina, and my vehicle currently has repossession orders. Please let me know if there is any way that I can link my vehicle to these lawsuits, have it paid off and the delinquencies removed from my credit report? Please let …

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I Didn’t Fight Caner to Let FasTrack Push Me Off a Bridge

Question: Dear Steve, I was doing chemotherapy at the time. I’m a colon cancer survivor. My daughter is a single parent of two small boys and had to move to Tracy, CA cheaper cost of living. I needed to babysit so she could work along with continuing my treatment. Long story short, Anyway, all was fine until there was a …

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I’m Homeless in My Truck With a Title Loan I Can’t Afford

Question: Dear Steve, I need help paying off my title loan to keep my truck and make money because I am homeless and unemployed, and all I have is my truck, and I’m sleeping in it. Dennis Answer: Dear Dennis, You are trapped in a vicious circle. You probably took out the title loan for some emergency cash. The lender …

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