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Can My American Debts Be Collected In England?

Question Jon, I am a British citizen living in America and have lived here for 10 years. In that time I have accumulated a bit of debt, close to $20,000 USD. I am thinking of moving back to England as I am getting older and want a slower pace of life. I cannot pay off the accounts I owe in …

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How Can I Pay Off Debts I Left In Another Country?


One of the many questions I get asked many times is about being in debt and traveling, and also about leaving unpaid accounts and debts behind in another country. The fact is for the majority of countries in the world, debt is not a crime, so it does not have any effect on traveling. And leaving debts behind, while some …

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Can UK Debts Be Reported And Collected In The USA?

Question I happily stumbled across your website and need some advice. I lived in Wales and England for about 8 years and moved back to the United States last year when the pandemic began. I am a US citizen and had been living in England as a spouse of a British man, and when the marriage broke down, we divorced …

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Can I Go Bankrupt In The USA And Move Back To The UK?

Question Jon, I currently live in America, but hold dual citizenship in both the US and UK. I am serious debt here in the US as a restaurant I started 5 years ago is looking at bankruptcy and liquidation here in the US. My question is I am considering moving back to the UK and want to know if I …

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