A Very Hot and Pregnant Driver Gets Hit in the Rear

At just about 1 PM today a very hot and very, very pregnant driver, who you must infer was a female, was struck in the rear while turning onto Capital Boulevard from Caveness Farms Ave. As a precaution Wake Forest Fire Department Engine 2, Wake EMS 12, and Wake Forest Police arrived on the scene … Read more

Single Vehicle Rollover Leaves Woman Bleeding on Capital Blvd

At 5:30 PM on Sunday a call went out for Wake EMS, Wake Forest Police, and Wake Forest Fire Department to respond to Capital Blvd, northbound, around where Lowe’s is. Witnesses described the woman who was injured, traveling faster than 65 MPH when she drifted off the left side of the road. They described a … Read more

Oh Crap, I Beat the Fire Department to the Accident

Now as super fast as the Wake Forest Fire Department gets to the scene, what I’m about to share is a very rare situation. This afternoon a call went out for EMS and the Wake Forest Fire Department and I happened to be closer than they were and arrived first. The first thought that went … Read more

Want to Know What Wake EMS and NASCAR Have in Common?

While I can think of a number of things a NASCAR team and Wake EMS have in common, like speed, winning, professionalism, and working with tools, the real common denominator is the pit crew. Oh yes and what they don’t have in common is beer, food concessions, and swag trailers. Although a trailer selling Wake … Read more

Reelhouse / Setla Films Posts Next Wake EMS Show on Code STEMI

Here is the second video produced by Setla Film Productions on Wake EMS and how they handle cardiac arrest. The first one can be seen here. In this video Wake County EMS talks about how they assist people in the field with the Advanced Practice Paramedic that I talked about in this article. It relates … Read more

Wet Wake Forest Family Loses Home to Fire But Dog Safe

Wake Forest Engine 5 firefighter tackles the remaining fire in the eves.

The call went out at 6 PM on this wet Monday night, with low temperatures and intermittent sleet, for a house with flames coming out the roof at 3400 Donner Trail in Wake Forest, NC. The home was occupied by the Kennedy family who was renting the home after relocating from Atlanta. The home is … Read more

Is Granville County a Good Place to Die Because of EMS?

Right off the bat I’m going to confess, the title is salacious shocking. But it is doing it’s job as a good title should and drags you in to read the story and understand the issues. In July 2010 Granville County, North Carolina handed over the EMS services to Granville Health System (GHS), a non-profit … Read more

Wake EMS Goes Hollywood

The exceptional folks over at Setla Film Productions have given us approval to share their recent show about Wake EMS. Regular readers will recognize Dr. Brent Myers and Jeff Hammerstein from Wake EMS who have been interviewed here before. The story told through the video below does an exceptional job of showing the benefit of … Read more

Local Wake Forest Women Caught Redhanded Saving a Life

Most of the time local heroes pass silently from one day to another, receiving little recognition for amazing deeds. But today is the exception. Today is the time to share with you the story of one very luck man from Heritage, Carlos Ruiz, and a mother and daughters from Wake Forest who saved his life … Read more