Wake Forest Board of Commissioners to Vote on Official Water Based Beverage

This week the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners is planning to meet in an officialish closed stall quorum in a bathroom on the second floor of Town Hall to once and for all determine the fate and end the drama that has hung around the lingering appointment of the Wake Forest Official Water Based Beverage. … Read more

Wake Forest Security Will Make You Chuckle

In downtown Wake Forest high tech security is carried out by bad ass gnomes. No need for underpaid security officers. A gnome chasing you down the street is undoubtedly much more effective. The new Rose Mart / Shell Station / Dunkin’ Donuts on Highway 98 offers up a highly targeted security system. Apparently they are … Read more

Wake Forest Coffee Company. A Place for Bean Counters.

Wake Forest Coffee Company. A Place For Bean Counters.

I know the title to this story is silly, but the funny part is it is true. The last few visits to the “must see” Wake Forest Coffee Company has actually had us sitting next to people doing accounting work. Here is the ironic thing why the Wake Forest Coffee Company is a local favorite. … Read more