Driver Hides Car in Woods on N. Main Street

A driver headed south on North Main Street, at just about Harris Road, somehow managed to stash his vehicle on its side in the woods on the other side of the road. Luckily the driver was fine but first responders worried about snakes were a little stressed. Wake Forest Engine 2, not usually this close … Read more

Wake Forest Wants You to Help Identify These Targets

The Wake Forest Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying the subjects shown in the surveillance camera images below. The individuals are wanted for questioning in connection with a theft that occurred Tuesday, June 24, at the Wake Forest Target, 12000 Retail Dr. One of the subjects is believed to be the driver … Read more

Single Vehicle Rollover Leaves Woman Bleeding on Capital Blvd

At 5:30 PM on Sunday a call went out for Wake EMS, Wake Forest Police, and Wake Forest Fire Department to respond to Capital Blvd, northbound, around where Lowe’s is. Witnesses described the woman who was injured, traveling faster than 65 MPH when she drifted off the left side of the road. They described a … Read more

Driver Went for a Spin Cycle on N. White Street

This afternoon a driver traveling towards Wake Forest on North White Street is said to have swerved off the road to avoid an oncoming car that had crossed the centerline. Once the passenger side tires were off into the ditch the SUV then suddenly went left across North White Street and rolled over at least … Read more

Wake Forest Police Capture Xmas Happiness for Local Kids

Last night the annual Shop-With-A-Cop (SWAC) program rolled into Walmart. Absolutely not to be confused with SWAT. The program was birthed years ago by Wake Forest Police Detectives Kim Warren and Cindy Perry as a way for the WFPD to offer another awesome community service. For more on this fantastic program and inside details, see … Read more

Wake Forest Police Department Reveals Facts That Will Surprise You

We recently had a chance to sit down with a mostly intimidating bunch of Wake Forest Police Department staff members and talk to them candidly about the Wake Forest Police Department and discuss some issues that our Facebook friends were curious about. If you are not following us on Facebook, what is wrong with you? … Read more