Wake Forest Renaissance Centre to Offer Magic 8-Ball Service

In order to help utilize the new marvelous Wake Forest Renaissance Centre for more functions the operation will now be able to provide life advice and guidance with their new Magic 8-Ball life advice service via Facebook and Twitter. Residents are encouraged to ask burning questions to get life advice from the RC. Some questions … Read more

Wake Forest Hopes Santa Will Bring Grand Piano

In case you are wondering what to get Pamela Stevens at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, she’s looking for little something special under the tree this year. Pamela has informed Santa (Bill Crabtree) that she would not kick a seven-foot-long Model B grand piano out of bed for eating crackers. The Wake Forest Renaissance Centre … Read more

Halfbacks Will Love the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre

This morning the Town of Wake Forest plied media representatives with coffee and pastries in their introduction of the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre. As a fine upstanding journalist we can’t be bought and would never take a bribe but a fine cup of coffee and some pie goes a long way. Know what I’m saying? … Read more